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EOFY SALE STARTS NOW! || Take an extra 30% off all jewels || Use code: EOFY at checkout
EOFY SALE STARTS NOW! || Take an extra 30% off all jewels || Use code: EOFY at checkout


Original Price $240.00
Current Price $180.00

Design:  Alchemy Rings have a natural stone set in a hammered setting to reflect the light of the cosmos and illuminate the gem. A semi-open back to allow the gem to radiate against your skin.

Stone: This ring features a natural untreated & shimmering Selenite gem sourced from deep in the caves of Madagascar.

Material:  Crafted by hand in Gold Vermeil (24k Gold plated over Sterling Silver).

Size:  6.5

Ring Sizing Chart


Selenite has a silver white aura and is the stone of 'spiritual guidance', opening us to our friends in other frequencies and the messages they are offering. It's calm warmth stills the mind and emotions, manifesting the clearest state of mind available and holding it open. With this clear mind state overflowing in to the emotional body, genuine self love dawns.

Selenite holds one of the most powerful activation energies on Earth, activating the higher chakras (especially the Soul Star and Crown Chakras) and can also aid telepathic communication, past life communication, and be used to clean and clear the energy bodies. Selenite is also a powerful link stone to the Pleiadian Star System. With Turquoise, Selenite may allow one to speak directly with the Earth and facilitate her balance.

If Selenite is calling you, there are beings with information for you on the inner plane. Selenite only comes to you when the ability to receive the information has been mastered. If used with Jade and Apophyllite, you can collect the information in the dream state.

Spiritual Guidance ~ White Light ~ Messages ~ Activation ~ Initiation ~ Light Work ~ Pleiadian Light Work ~ Spiritual Mind ~ High Light Force ~ Channelling ~ Voice of Spirit