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NEW Collection drops soon! || Worldwide Shipping || AfterPay

ALCHEMY RING: Gem Silica Chrysocolla

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Design:   Alchemy Rings have a natural stone set in a hammered setting to reflect the light of the cosmos and illuminate the gem. A semi-open back to allow the gem to radiate against your skin.

Stone:  This jewel features a natural untreated & high quality Gem Silica Chrysocolla gem that is a very rare, more expensive & evolved form of Chrysocolla. Sourced from South America.

Material:  Crafted by hand in Sterling Silver.

Size:   6.5

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One of a kind & hand crafted with love

CHRYSOCOLLA is the light of Venus, delivering the language of love through silence and an open heart. This stone is an exact blend of the blue & green colour rays, which is an exact match to the Divine Mother, and is one of the three colours that surround her in all famous visions and artworks. Of all the stones on earth, Chrysocolla has one of the most feminine frequencies, making it a stone of the Goddess and directly teaches mastery over the Feminine Path of Power, a gift which has been greatly forgotten on Earth. Chryscolla brings with it the divine feminine virtues of Patience, Compassion, Equality & Humility.

If you are being called to this stone, it is likely you are being asked to develop a deeper relationship with the feminine path - allowing, silence, dissolving and changing inwardly.This is also a powerful channelling stone.

Silence ~ Goddess ~ Feminine Power ~ Expression ~ Channelling~ The Ocean ~Surrender- Truth ~Compassion ~ Tolerance ~ Patience ~ The Divine Mother ~ Pregnancy ~ Throat, Heart & Crown Chakras