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Design:   Alchemy Rings have a natural stone set in a hammered setting to reflect the light of the cosmos and illuminate the gem. A semi-open back to allow the gem to radiate against your skin.

Stone:   This ring features a natural untreated & high quality Larimar gem mined by hand and dynamite free to preserve the metaphysical properties of the stone. Sourced from the island of the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.

Material:   Crafted by hand in Sterling Silver.

Size:   6


LARIMAR is found in only one place in the world, on an island in the Caribbean. Born when volcanic lava meets serene sea waters, Larimar is the stone of feminine power, connecting to the Goddess energies of sea & sky, activating a fearless ability to flow through life ~and is especially helpful to those that feel trapped in the physical form and need to re-discover freewill. 

Larimar allows a harmonious blending of Emotions (water) and Mind (air), cooling all the firery areas in to peace and calm. Its a powerful stone of balance, healing, nurturance & moving beyond egoic experience. As a stone of the Throat Chakra it encourages the expression of emotional energy with peace love & respect . Larimar is especially potent to Mothers, pregnancy, change of life, carers & healers and all expressions of the divine feminine. If Larimar is calling you, you are being called in to service. 

Imagination ~ Playfullness ~ Laughter ~ Joy ~ Service ~ Flow