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S I R E N is now live! || Worldwide Shipping || AfterPay

DROPLET NECKPIECE: Andean Opal & Aquamarine


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Design:  Drops of magic set with faceted gems designed to layer or as a more delicate statement piece. An open back allows the gem to radiate against your skin.

Stone:  Natural untreated polished Andean Opal set with faceted Aquamarine.

Material:  Sterling Silver.

Length: 18” Sterling Silver chain.




PERUVIAN OPAL is the stone of inspiration, imagination & creativity. Carrying water energy it brings peace & soothes emotions allowing one to communicate expressively from the heart without fear.


AQUA-MARINE is a highly spiritual stone in the Beryl family with a purpose of Simplification ~ by calming,  soothing and inspiring trust one is able to take the simplest path of empowered action and expression. It stimulates, activates and cleanses the Throat Chakra so is particularily good for writers and public speakers or anyone needing assistance with tapping into the guiding light of simple truth in even the most mundane of activities.

In ancient times aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of the mermaids, today it embodies all things connected to the sea. It is a sacred stone to all the Gods & Goddesses of the Ocean as well as Ganesha, Saint Germaine & Archangel Raziel.

Simplification ~ Throat Chakra ~ Past Life Gifts ~ The Ocean ~ Voice ~ Courage ~ Speech ~ Trust ~ Expression