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NEW Collection drops soon! || Worldwide Shipping || AfterPay

LIGHT RING: Hemimorphite

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Design:  Light Rings are daintier with a slimmer band and open back to allow the gem’s light to shine & align with you.

Stone:  This jewel features a natural raw druzy Hemimorphite gem, a hydrous zinc silicate in a vivid blue tone.

Material: Crafted by hand in Gold Vermeil (24k Gold plated over Sterling Silver).

Size: 6.25

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HEMIMORPHITE is known as 'The Stone of the Egoless State' as it offers a mirror of self and our actions, and through the path of truth and self-responsibility the freedom of self respect and self love on all levels begins. It is a stone steeped in love and allows the heart to become a filter for all that passes through you, every breath unconditional and all loving. This gem is strongly connected to personal power and it's right use, it can lead us to a healthy space of honesty about our actions in the world with the realisation that we are free to choose. It is stone of self respect and self confidence without these traits crossing in to egoic use.

Working with this stone over time, the voice of spirit, the intuitive voice, can be heard clearly and our choices are informed by it instead of fear and insecurity, leading us to our highest potential.  All truthful acts should harm none, benefit all and stem directly from love in the name of unity. Hemimorphite may also call you when there is a need to embrace a role from another lifetime or when a loved one has passed and wishes to communicate with you. It can also help you recover a part of yourself from someone else creation.

The Egoless State ~ Self-Respect ~ Self-Confidence ~ The Shadow Self ~ Truthful Action ~ Messages from those that have Passes ~ True Self-reflection ~ Truth