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NEW Collection drops soon! || Worldwide Shipping || AfterPay
NEW Collection drops soon! || Worldwide Shipping || AfterPay

Our Story

5 years ago, the power of beauty and joy as a way to celebrate and connect to life began to dawn in my being, and I became drawn to unearth the treasures of mother nature.. I discovered the ancient practice of silversmithing to create these gems the thrones I was dreaming for them.
Each jewel is hand crafted with love & gratitude and the designs embedded with sacred symbology to evoke the spirit, power and resplendent beauty of each divine woman. 
KOKOPILLI is based on the name of a Native Indian fertility God who was a messenger between tribes. As I dove into the realm of gems I began to feel them calling to connect with guardians across the Earth, imbued with messages and blessings. Crystals tell a story that far outlive our own in this lifetime, that connect us to eons of wisdom & mystery held within each form.
Each of my crystals embodies a unique purpose & beauty of its own and calls a different name to its shores...I hope that you hear your name in the whispers of some of my jewels and that they be a talisman of light that uplifts and connects you to greater love.